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Monday, 17 July 2017 12:33

Nutraceuticals for Anti Aging

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Nutraceuticals for Anti Aging

Maya Surjadjaja

RS AL Dr MIntohardjo / Klinik Spesialis Gracia Patricia Jakarta

I balance my hormones with bioidentical hormones, I eat organic, I take supplements as determined by lab work; I sleep eight hours nightly, I use organic cosmetics and green household cleaners, and I avoid toxins as best I can. Suzanne Somers

Aging, which caused damage to tissues and organs, is a complex phenomenon. Development of effective interventions for promoting healthy aging is a challenging area of research.These studies have shed light on some of the mechanisms involved in aging and provide guidance for developing efficacious interventions.

Most of aging’s manifestations could be traced to processes such as oxidative stress, inflammation, mitochondrial dysfunction, insulin resistance, and integrity of membranes. A major source of chronic inflammation is cells that cease dividing, known as cellular senescence, which secrete inflammatory cytokines, cancer-inducing growth factors, and other harmful substances. Cellular senescence is caused by DNA damage, shortened telomeres, and other factors. Cellular senescence and inflammation can result in stem cells ceasing to function. Studies in various model organisms have identified many genes and pathways as well as dietary interventions that modulate lifespan and health span.

Nutraceuticals a wide term including all kinds of food with health or medical effect, made from various plants contain a significant amount of phytochemicals with diverse biological activities. Vitamins, carotenoids, flavonoids and minerals have clinically significant antioxidant characteristics. Nowadays, nutraceuticals have received considerable interest due to potential nutritional, safety and therapeutic effects. The very first and important basic supplements are antioxidants, coenzyme Q10, phytoestrogens, probiotics and omega-3 fatty acids. These substances have beneficial effect on digestive and immune systems, and modulate inflammatory and degenerative processes in the body

Everyone’s health problems’ are different, and each has own family medical history, therefore need personalized specific nutraceuticals, which provide diseases modifying indications related to oxidative stress including allergy, Alzheimer, cardiovascular, cancer, diabetes, eye, immune, inflammatory and Parkinson's diseases as well as obesity .Another level of supplementation is the anti aging level, which includes nutraceuticals that support healthier, longer living such as telomerase activator which include resveratrol, red reishi mushroom extract and astragalus extract

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